Today I skipped class to take photo’s of one of the most oldest and beloved theater, The Century’s theater located in the heart of San Jose. I know a lot of my friends parents who used to come here when they were a child and had fond memories and till this day choose this theater out of the very modern AMC theaters. Even I had a lot of memories here when I was in middle school. On the night of my 18th birthday I spent a night with some of my closes friends on top of the Century 23 roof it was one of the most randoms nights but I wont forget it. The Century’s theater has a timeless look with the eye catching domes sticking out the building and the beautiful neon glow it radiates at night, something you just wont see around San Jose these days. The city decided to tear it down this month to make room for god knows what. You know what they say change is good, but some things should remain the same. So long Century’s Theaters you will be in the hearts and memory of the people who was fortunate enough to experience your timeless beauty.